This is for people who dont want the strippers and disconnection, but are looking for something deeper. This is a ceremony to celebrate your next chapter. A ritual and a blessing for your wedding night to come, to bring positive energy and connection for you future together.

In this ceremony Celeste comes to your chosen venue, invite your nearest and dearest women in this sacred circle to help you celebrate. These are the ones we turn to in joyous times and the ones who we turn to when the days are hard. Let them hold space for you now as you transition to be wed while also having a night of laughter, tears and education!

Celeste brings her sound bowl, oracle cards and huge range of Crystal Pleasure Wands, Yoni eggs etc to showcase and teach. We will have a basic Tantra class so that everyone goes home with a new skill or just some inspiration to get sensual! 

Each Sacred Hens Night is tailored to the bride with options including games, catered food etc. A beautiful night that will bring everyone closer together and open hearts in preparation for the big day!


Price per person (Bride is free and receives gift bag)

$55 (if less than 10 people)


$45 (if 10 or more people)

Please chat to me before payment to talk about dates and availability.

Sacred Tantric Hens Night