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Meet Celeste

I want you to remember that you are the lineage of thousands of women.

I want you to feel in your veins that you can call on this generational energy at any time.


That the power of the feminine is rising and that you are safe.

I want you to feel pleasure in all areas of your life, not just in the bedroom.

I want you to tingle when the sun shines on your face;


I want you to do that sweet little gasp when the wind blows your hair - the same gasp when you feel that erection push up against you.


That same bite your lip anticipation for your life; the glorious pleasure it brings.

Surrender my friend, you are perfect as you are in this moment.

I want you to understand the cycles of your hormones; the natural seasons.

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Shake off the social taboos, own your pleasure!

Honouring your sensual side.
Listening to what your body is telling you.
Connecting energetically to your womb power.
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