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Here are Celestial Pleasure’s Top 3 Tips using Crystal Wands to get the most out of your experience.

How do you know if your yoni consents?

You can feel her softening, opening and energetically saying ‘yes!’

Some woman have even experienced their yoni sucking their egg inside of them!

Big yes!

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1) Reset/cleanse the energy of the crystal to its pure vibration before using.

Every crystal has its own properties for example:

Rose Quartz is for LOVE, self-love, body love, forgiveness, fertility, everything unconditional love!

Green Aventurine is for good luck, abundance & opportunities,

Obsidian is for strength and keeping away negative energies.


You get the idea! Some ideas to cleanse your crystal are placing it in moonlight, sunshine, incense, salt water or smudging of them! 

2) Next setting your intentions and creating relationship with your crystal. To set our intentions we look at the properties of the crystal for ideas. You could pick a word to remember or write yourself a whole letter. "Dear Celeste, I want you to remember your innate power…"

When holding your crystal remember these words, how you want to feel. To imprint these intentions in the crystal keep it under your pillow, or in your bra, maybe take it to your favourite places.

I find the more effort I spent into really connecting with the energy of the crystal and these intentions the more profound my experience is when inserting her.

All I want for Christmas is... A Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand !!!! The ultimate love stone! _
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3) Asking for consent from your Yoni! This tip may sound a little woo-woo, but it is especially important for anyone who have used their yoni in a way that she maybe didn’t agree with.

Who here has had an uncomfortable pap smear, or birth trauma? Anyone have a partner push themselves inside you when we weren’t properly lubed up or anyone force a tampon or menstrual cup inside in a hurry to continue their day? Then of course we have any form of sexual abuse or trauma that causes an obvious disconnect/numbness inside our yonis.

Asking for consent is important as we are teaching her that we respect her and want to listen to her.

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of your yoni and ways to connect to your powerful feminine energy
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