This beautiful Amethyst Woman is a powerful addition to your altar encompassing your devotion to yourself, or the feminine in general. Amethyst is the stone of connecting to your intuition and spirituality. 

Celestial Pleasure is about self love and connecting to your inner goddess in your current state, not if you were 5kg lighter, or a better friend, or a more attentive mother, or ANYTHING else other than the exact woman who stands in the mirror before you, perfect flaws and all.

To create an altar pick things that remind you of what you are wanting in your life, set your intentions, connect in with this little sacred space regularly, keep it fresh. Beautiful to mediate in front of, or just as a reminder to be grounded and connected each day. I love using fresh flowers, crystals, photographs, feathers, shells, pretty leaves etc. Make it personal to your life and your journey!

Amethyst Altar Woman